Version: 1.8.0


Download objects are dispatched by page via the page.on("download") event.

All the downloaded files belonging to the browser context are deleted when the browser context is closed. All downloaded files are deleted when the browser closes.

Download event is emitted once the download starts. Download path becomes available once download completes:

with page.expect_download() as download_info:"a")
download = download_info.value
# wait for download to complete
path = download.path()

Browser context must be created with the accept_downloads set to true when user needs access to the downloaded content. If accept_downloads is not set, download events are emitted, but the actual download is not performed and user has no access to the downloaded files.


Deletes the downloaded file.


Returns download error if any.


Returns path to the downloaded file in case of successful download.


Saves the download to a user-specified path.


Returns suggested filename for this download. It is typically computed by the browser from the Content-Disposition response header or the download attribute. See the spec on whatwg. Different browsers can use different logic for computing it.


Returns downloaded url.